Firewall exceptions for allowing Microsoft Display adapters through a 3rd party Firewall from a Surface tablet

Quick note regarding a problem I’ve been looking in to and have resolved. In a network where you have Microsoft Surface tablets or any windows based device with miracast enabled, use of third party firewall software or the firewalls that are embedded within some antivirus offerings like F-Secure, AVG, or Macaffe … will block the display from working. Most of the time there won’t be any clue that the firewall is causing the problem you’ll simply see a notification that the device cannot connect.


To resolve this you need to add a couple of firewall exceptions:

Miracast uses a direct wireless connection between your device and the display adapter on the other end (in my case a Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter) and uses dynamic ports. As this is outside of any “trusted” ip range that your firewall might be allowing through, you need to allow the ranges which are used by Miracast or alternately Intel WiDi (Wireless Display)


By default they will use with dynamic TCP/UDP ports so you will need to enable ALL traffic within this IP range. If for whatever reason this range isn’t available then there is a couple of alternate IP ranges that the dongle will switch to so you may need to add, or 192.168.137/24

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