Today is the 1st of December… For many this marks the start of the Christmas season, for the LGBTQ+ community and many others, this date marks World Aids Day.

It’s a time to reflect on those we have lost to the HIV virus, and to share widely the message that even though medical science has made huge progress in combatting HIV and AIDS, the virus still represents an epidemic affecting countless millions across the world.

Many countries don’t have the resources to prescribe effective treatment and are dependent on international aid to stop the spread of the virus. International aid which has been dwindling over the past decade as the western world turns inwards and reduces its contributions year after year.

Other countries like the UK and the USA have the resources to stop the virus in it’s tracks but have made the political/societal decision not to do so.

The UK Government has the opportunity right now to expand the PREP rollout and to effectively end all new cases of HIV in the UK within a couple of years, the Government has repeatedly blocked this rollout and continues to only fund small limited trials.

There are now safe and effective treatments for HIV that not only prevent the virus from spreading, but give people a completely normal and healthy life. The only effective treatment for the discrimination and stigma that sufferers face as a result of the virus, is education and compassion.

This World AIDS Day, please consider contacting your local MP and asking for the Government to restore it’s contributions to international aid, and ask them to commit to a full national rollout of PREP to break the cycle of HIV infection once and for all.

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